Makpong Makpong

Makpong Board

Makpong is a variant of Makruk (Thai chess) designed to reduce draws. It is played in Makruk single elimination tournaments in Thailand to decide a winner after a certain number of Makruk games have been drawn.

If you are not familiar with the rules of Makruk, please see that first.


The only difference from Makruk is as follows:

  • The king may not move away from check

To clarify, there are generally three ways to answer a check:

  • Move the king away
  • Block the check with another piece
  • Capture the attacker

This means the first option, moving the king away, is not allowed. You can only block the check or capture the attacker.

  • The king is still allowed to capture an unprotected attacker. In this case, the king isn't moving away from the check, so there is no problem.
  • Checking the king with multiple pieces is always a checkmate. Moving the king to capture either of them is illegal since it involves moving away from the other attacker.