Kyoto Kyoto Shogi

Kyoto Shogi

Kyoto shogi is a shogi variant on a 5x5 board, but is quite different than standard shogi. It was invented by Tamiya Katsuya c. 1976. The main distinction is that each piece flips sides to a completely different piece with each move. Many of the piece combinations are puns relating to Kyoto. For example, the lance (kyo) is paired with the tokin (to), which makes "Kyoto."


As this game is based off shogi, please see the corresponding guide for the piece movement rules first if you are not familiar with them.

The starting setup is as above. Unlike in shogi, each piece (except the King) must flip to the other side after moving. All pieces represent a pair of pieces. Every piece in standard shogi is used except the dragon king and dragon horse.

Original piece Other side
Tokin Lance
Silver Bishop
Gold Knight
Pawn Rook

Additional rules:

  • When dropping a piece, you may choose either side to drop.
  • You can move a piece such that it can't move until it's captured (this is illegal in standard shogi).
  • Repetition: Repeating the same position results in a draw.


Still being worked out -- please feel free to offer advice as you find it!