Capablanca960 Capablanca 960

Capablanca 960 is a custom variant combining the rules of Capablanca chess with the random placement of Chess 960. The same rules apply to both games. As this is considered a derivative of Capablanca chess, please check the Capablanca chess rules in its separate guide. 960 rules are as below for a reminder.

Note that unlike standard chess, there are more than 960 random positions. The 960 is more of a label than a technical number for this game.

This variant can be played by checking the "Chess960" option when creating a Capablanca chess game.

960 Rules

The starting bottom ranks are randomized, but two rules must be followed:

The bishops must be placed on opposite-color squares.
The king must be placed on a square between the rooks.
Castling is the other major rule to take note of. Basically, regardless of where the rooks are, if you castle, the end position will be the same as if the rooks were in standard position.

All other rules are as in Capablanca chess.