Summer Update

2023.06.06 @CouchTomato87 Announcements
New features and bug fixes

We are pleased to announce several new features to PyChess! If you scroll down a bit in the lobby, you can see a couple of our major entries. Most notably, the new puzzle features. We now have puzzles from many different variants, with interesting positions selected from games accumulated on our site. Puzzles were then verified by several of our members. Many thanks to our members, especially ubdip, visualdennis, e-pluszak, and nishikata for their assistance on this! Feel free to jump in and try to solve as many puzzles as you can! Note that not all variants have puzzles at the moment. More will be added over time. If you would like to help with the process or report any bugs or odd puzzles, please let us know on Discord or Github.

On the left side of the lobby below our chat, you can find a new TV feature. Hopefully it gives you something to watch while you wait for a game to start!

The analysis feature now has a new settings panel, where you can adjust engine analysis settings as you’d like. We also have several additional features that you can’t see on the main page. For example, there are now shortcut keys for navigating the movelist (arrow keys, ‘F’ to flip the board). The S-chess castling bug has been fixed thanks to Ada. Also, Dennis’ memory minigame is available under the learn tab.

-Couch Tomato