Madness? This. Is. SPARTAN CHESS!

2023.04.01 @CouchTomato87 Announcements
Spartan chess has arrived

We’re pleased to announce a new game to our roster: Spartan Chess! For those who are unfamiliar with it, Spartan Chess was basically one of the original asymmetric variants that was balanced using engines, long before Fairy Stockfish made the work much easier for us.
Thanks to ubdip’s efforts (which we can’t thank enough), we can finally bring this classic to Pychess.

In Spartan chess, the black army represents the Spartans, and one of the two big features of this army you may notice is that 1) they have TWO kings to eliminate, and 2) their pawns are Berolina pawns and have the opposite move/capture rules as orthodox pawns! You can say that this game has been a huge inspiration to some of the more recent asymmetric games on this site, such as Orda Chess. So please feel to jump on and give it a try!

-Couch Tomato