Autumn Update

2023.10.19 @CouchTomato87 Announcements
A slew of new variants!

We're pleased to announce that we've had another break from our variant moratorium to introduce THREE new variants! You may have seen these on the site, but in case you haven't been paying attention, here they are!

King of the Hill - You may be familiar with this from Lichess. Bring your king to the middle of the board to win!
King of the Hill 960 - Of course, it wouldn't be Pychess if we didn't have another spin on variants. This is KotH but with randomized Chess960 positions.
Three-check chess - Also from Lichess. You may win by checking three times! We also have a variant of this called 5-check, which you can choose as an alternate start position. In the future, we may add a graphical way of keeping track of the check count.
Three-check 960 - Same deal, with 960 rules
Mansindam - This is a unique from one of our community members, Snowmoondaphne. Originally designed as a game featured in one of her stories, Mansindam is a fusion of chess with shogi rules. From shogi, there are drops, promotions, and shogi pawns. From chess, there are the standard chess pieces, of which these can promote to new stronger pieces.

Please give them a try!

What's coming up in the future? Work is being done on correspondence chess, which would allow you to play games at a more relaxed pace rather than in a single sitting. Continued work is also being done on Bughouse for all you Bughouse fans!

-Couch Tomato